Welcome to the "Internet hideout" of the Fort Wayne Heyduks


The background photo shows a view of Ostrów Tumski (Ostrów Island) where back in the 10th century the city of Wrocław, Poland was born. The entire Heyduk family now in the US has strong ties to this city. Some of us were born there, some of us were born elsewhere, but lived in Wrocław for decades, and some of us are tied to the city via their parents and grandparents. In fact one of us was baptized in the Wrocław catheral (the church with twin spires), and got married in the church visible in the background. The family patriarch, known to all as "Dziadek", is almost 95 years old and still lives in Wrocław. However all his children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren are now in the USA, spread all across the country: Fort Wayne, IN; Athens, GA; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO; Denver, CO; and Cincinnati, OH.











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